Escort interpretation

In addition to visiting, shopping and reception, escort interpretation is also widely used in business and technology. As the name suggests, interpreters accompany clients accompany clients to participate in activities, which reduces the requirements for speaking skills.

Many believe that as long as they have studied Vietnamese for a while and got a intermediate interpreter certificate, they are qualified to be a escort interpreter. In fact, escort interpretation is not as simple as it appears. In practical travel and business activities, lack of oral and listening skills is easy to cause missed translation or unclear meaning expression, not only affecting the reputation of the client company, but also bringing economic losses to clients.

On-site interpretation/translation

 On-site interpretation is more common in engineering technology because it is necessary to communicate with foreign technicians or engineers on equipment import, technology introduction, as well as equipment installation and commissioning during project construction. Interpreter should be familiar with construction equipment and convey messages to both parties correctly and timely in the process of equipment placing and commissioning, start-up, and acceptance.

 Taking into account the high professional requirements and the particularity of on-site interpretation, our company have developed relevant quality standards in order to provide high-quality interpretation services for enterprises and clients. Moreover, our interpreters meet the standards of the Code of quality requirements for on-site interpreters issued by the State Council.

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