Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation--the highest level of interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation--the highest level of interpretation. Siting in a soundproof simultaneous interpretation booth (commonly known as "box"), interpreters use special equipments to listen to the continuous speech of the source language speaker via headset, and simultaneously and accurately express all the information through microphone in target language. Participants who need interpretation services can tune to the language channel they want through the receiving device and receive the corresponding target language from the headset. Although this specialized profession is called "conference interpretation", in addition to international conferences, it is widely applied in foreign affairs, meetings and negotiations, business activities, news media, training and teaching, television broadcasting, international arbitration and other fields.


Simultaneous interpretation is the highest level of interpretation. Moreover, it has the most stringent requirements for personnel, not only a wealth of experience and on-the-spot translation experience, quick thinking, but also good physical strength and perseverance.

Simultaneous interpretation, the most difficult type of interpretation, is now becoming a popular translation method in international conferences because it is more time-saving than consecutive interpretation.

Due to its advantage of not occupying meeting time, it has also developed into the most common mode in conference interpretation and has been widely employed in various international occasions. At present, simultaneous interpretation is applied in 95% of international conferences in the world. Almost all official international multilingual conferences and international organizations (such as the United Nations and the European Union) have adopted simultaneous interpretation as the standard interpretation mode.

Simultaneous interpreters shall “know something of everything”.

Firstly, solid Chinese and foreign language skills, which is one of the most basic occupational qualities in simultaneous interpretation. Secondly, excellent interpreting skills, which requires systematic study and practice experience accumulation.

Besides, interpreters need to possess "talents", such as quick response, good memory, clear thinking, good perception and expression of language.

It is necessary for simultaneous interpreters to be versatile and knowledgeable as they because they are often exposed to a variety of topics.

Moreover, a sound psychological quality is very important for interpreters, including keeping calm and flexible to sudden changes, accepting challenges, being aware of their own mistakes, as well as always taking the overall situation into consideration. In addition, physical fitness is also a vital quality because of the heavy workload of simultaneous interpretation and the need for interpreters to be highly focused on their work.

Specialist areas:

[Electric power translation]: Electric power, thermal power, hydraulic power, wind power generation, embedment and installation

[Economic translation]: Public finance, monetary finance, corporate finance, securities, banking, economic technology, international trade

[Mechanical translation]: Machinery, mechanical design, construction machinery, equipment description, installation

[Geological translation]: Geological exploration, energy, mineral deposit, structure, geological data

[Petroleum translation]: Oil, gas, petroleum technical data

[Medical translation]: Medicine, device, technology, literature

[Chemical translation]: Petrochemical industry, organic chemistry, coal chemical industry, chlor-alkali chemistry.

[Biding document translation]: Construction, petroleum, engineering, roads

[Architectural translation]: Architectural design, material, bidding document, report

[Other translation services]: Automotive, IT, electronics, network communication, transportation, textile, etc

Interpretation services:

Traditional interpretation service

Exhibition/tour guide

Telephone interpretation service

Host/ceremonial reception (Vietnamese )

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